Dear Weather,

Ok, I like a little bit of rain sometimes and I get the whole "April Showers bring May flowers," but seriously! A whole week of non-stop rain and grey skies. I have to admit that it is starting to get me down and James would like to go out and play so if you could arrange for a sunny weekend then I'd be very grateful.

A suffer of SAD


Dear Cooker Hob,

I'm so sorry that you got smashed yesterday and now you can't be used. You're only just over a year old and it definitely wasn't your time to go. You've served me well and I will miss you.. I guess I'll be heating beans in the microwave until I can replace you :(

A devestated Housewife


Dear The Pinched Nerve in my Neck,

Oh how you hurt me. I am trying to run after a three year old toddler and you insist on reminding me constantly that you are there.. I cannot open my mouth without you sending a shooting pain up my face.. Oh and it would be nice to be able to turn my head without it feeling like my face is going to explode.

A Mummy that needs to be pain free


Dear Nicotine,

Why do you have such a hold on me.. That is all.

A Nicotine Addict


Dear James,

Bringing out the playdough was a great idea but I know that when I tell you it is time to pack it away, you are going to throw a tantrum.. If you could avoid this I will be eternally grateful, it's just at the moment my whole head hurts and I know that you screaming is going to make it feel as if my head is in a vice.. I promise that if you pack the playdough away without any problems I will let you have it back out tomorrow!



Dear Blackberry,

I wasn't sold on you at first.. After years with an  iPhone it took a lot of persuading that you would be better. There are somethings that I miss from my iPhone, especially Instagram but I will admit that you and I are getting along great.. If you want to develop the Instagram App then I think it would be love :)

Your newest fan


  1. these made me chuckle!

    i have also self-diagnosed myself with SAD. ;)

    1. Isn't it awful how the weather can affect your mood so much!? My Mum and Sister are exactly the same as me!

      These letters were fun to write! I'm glad they made you smile :) xx

  2. The weather affects my mood too....makes me tired and lazy when it's grey out.

  3. You should try acupuncture for your neck! Feel better!!!


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