Just A Little Bit Of Water.

James has been off for a few days.. Nothing too bad, just a runny nose and grumpiness but then last night he kept complaining of a sore throat and a sore ear.. I took him to the doctors today and he has an ear infection. Poor little guy. He gets ear infections quite often but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is something that he'll grow out off.

He hasn't been in the best of moods today but I've found the magic answer.. Water!

Who knew that I little bowl of water and some beakers from his Chemistry set would keep him happy for a whole afternoon? Ok, he ended up soaked and my living room floor got slightly, ok a lot wet but it put a smile on his face and gave me some time without him moaning!

Plus I got loads of cute photos :)

Luckly I got him into the doctors first thing this morning so he's already had three lots of antibiotics today. Fingers crossed that they kick in soon!


  1. Poor guy, hope he feels better!!

  2. Thank you! He is on his last day of medication and seems to be doing a lot better! xx


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