Friday's Favourite Things

This week I found an amazing blog. Two nights ago I sat and read it for hours, it was like a good book, I couldn't stop reading! So today I'm going to participate it in her Friday Favourite Things link up.

So a few of the best bits of this week...

Although James has spent most of this week with an ear infection, I've relished in the chance to "batton down the hatches" and spend some time at home. After our crazy few weeks it was much needed and I've loved spending the days cleaning, re-organising, snuggling with my little boy and generally getting some balance back into my life..


James has a Gluten intollerance, meaning that he cannot have any food that contains Gluten. Trying to find things that are fun for him to eat is hard. Especially snacks and 'children' foods.. Whilst out shopping this morning he spotted some crisps that were shapped like teddy bears.. He instantly wanted them. My immediate response was "I think they'll have Gluten in them Baby,".. Not holding out much hope, I checked the ingredients on the pack and voila!! Gluten free! James was estatic and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price of them. Oh well, how could I deny him crisps shapped like teddy bears!


Remember a few weeks ago I brought a Gineau Pig? Well James wanted one too but I told him that first he had to prove to me that he could be nice to Summer. I was a bit worried that at three years old he would think it would be cool to squeeze the life out of her or use her like a tennis ball.. He was excellent though so this week I took him to the pet shop and he got to pick out his very own Gineau Pig..

Meet Elmo (left hand side) James named her not me!

Can I just add! Elmo is the loudest Gineau Pig I have ever met. They live indoors and are currently residing in our bedroom. The noise this little one makes though isn't funny! The first night I heard her and I honestly thought, her and Summer were fighting.. No.. She was just stood in the middle of their cage voicing her opinion. I wasn't impressed at 3am..

Whilst I'm on the subject of our furry friends.. Their new cage arrived this week. It's awesome, even though I couldn't figure out how to put the thing together.. In the end I admitted defeat and Anthony's friend ended up doing it for me. 

Oh and just before I came to bed to write this I found James' little fish Rudie had gone to fish heaven... I am not looking forward to that conversation in the morning :(


This afternoon Anthony and I had a long chat and came to a massive decision.. I'm not announcing it yet but it's extremley exciting and I'm itching to shout it from the rooftops! Stay tuned!


  1. love finding joy too! always so inspiring.

    1. It is! I love reading inspiring blogs. I always leave them smiling xx

  2. What a tease...oooooh I need to know!! :)

  3. Lol! We've decided to start trying for baby number 2! xx


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