Easter Sunday.

Life didn't get any quieter after my last post. We have been out of the house all day, every day since Thursday and whilst it has been so nice to catch up with everyone and spend some quality time with family, today we are enjoying just being at home. My house looked as if a tornado had swept through it so I've spent my morning cleaning and re-organising! I get so excited about having a clean house. Yeah, I'm a geek I know.

Now onto more exciting things... EASTER!

James woke up this morning all excited to see what the Easter Bunny had left him. It didn't take him long to spot the first egg and then figure out that there were lots more hidden! {Apologies for the quality of the first two photos.. I had been awake about 2.5 seconds and camera settings were the last thing on my mind!}

About three minutes after he had found all his eggs he had a massive temper tantrum.. I think three days of fun filled activities have left him tired and grouchy..

My Mum then arrived with a Cadbury's Cream Egg hunt! A little man thought it was the best thing ever!

I think this next photo is my favourite one of my Mum and James.. I love it when I take a photo at just the right time :)

We have quieter activities planned for the rest of the day. We're all tired and I could really do without anymore tantrums!

I figured that the colours were a good thing to bring out after lunch.. James loves to practice his writing..


I know that I am going to love home schooling him. He picks things up so quickly and the best part of all. He loves to learn!

I hope you all have a great Easter Sunday! 


  1. Happy Easter to you... Hope you're not all sick from all that chocolate!!! xx

  2. LOL! If James had his way he would've eaten all his eggs yesterday but I limit him! He keeps asking though, hoping that I'll give in! xx

  3. Sounds like a fab Easter, minus the temper tantrum.
    Great pics girl :)


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