Update :)

This week has been manic.. I meant to post last night but by the end of the day I was exhausted. I've had my friend and her daughter here which has been fun! Coffee and Girly catch up's are always good!

James had a Wheat & Gluten Intollerance and my friend brought him some Gluten Free Chocolate Biscuits.. The first time he had tried them so off course it had to be documented!

He loved them and I think the entire pack was gone within 2 days.. Yep, I know.. Thats 8 biscuits but he can't eat alot of 'normal' food so when I find something new and tasty I go a bit overboard!


Anthony was desperate for a hair cut yesterday so he thought it would be fun to get his mate to cut it.. Now, Nathan has no experience in cutting hair but I guess thats what men find amusing.. Anyway, it was all going well until a slip of the hair clippers and then it all had to come off..

Please excuse the state of my mirror but it's my Hair & Make-up mirror and since I've had it I think I've probably cleaned it 2 times.. Housewife fail.. :)

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