Sundays Review

I'm linking up with http://www.pktaswegrow.com/   for Sunday's Review! This is my first ever link up and I'm very excited :)

This week I....

Made my decision to start my start this blog. After 8 years at Live Journal it was a tough decision but I'm always up for a change :)

Had my best friend and her daughter come and stay for three days.. Catch up's with friends and Coffee always wins!

Done something I always swore as a Mum that I would never do! I let James play with Playdough in the Living Room.. He can play with it whenever he likes in the kitchen but the floor in there is easy to clean.. Playdough and carpets do not mix!

I dyed my hair Dark Brown.. I was blonde before.. I like it :)

I wrote several new articles for a photography website called Snapable that my younger sister and I have started. I write the Mamarzzi Blog on it.. She does the rest!

I have become addicted to Twitter and Instagram .. If you want to follow me, Twitter is LianeBayliss2 and Instagram is liane_b.

Oh and I also spent a Morning at a Dog Rehoming Shelter.. If I could adopt all the dogs that need rescuing I so would.. It makes me sad that there are so many dogs in kennels needing new homes..

Go link up and share your week!!


  1. So glad you are doing the link up!

    the link is at the bottom of the blog post! . just copy and paste it to your blog!

  2. That's what I done but it just came out as the link.. I'll have another go now!! xx


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