The only word I can use to describe this week is, Stressful.

James became ill on Tuesday and since then my life has consisted of dirty laundry, disinfectant and the BRATT diet. He seems to be a lot better today and mostly back to normal.. Just in time for Anthony to start showing symptoms.. Trying to deal with my Emetophobia whilst dealing with sickness has sent me into a tail spin and for the past 4 days I have been spending my days anxiety ridden whilst trying to put on a brave face.. It's is draining!

Just before James got ill.. We spent a gorgeous morning in the garden.

It such a shame that the weather has been gorgeous this week, whilst we've been cooped up in the house.. It's meant to turn cold again next week and I believe it. The temperature today has dropped dramatically.

Thankfully though, James seems to be on the mend *fingers crossed!*

He was full of beans this morning after spending another night in our bed..

Who knew how much fun you could have with a free promotional balloon from Wilkinsons?

He starts his Piano lessons in about a month but his new thing to do is sit at the Piano and play whilst everyone around him sings nursery rhymes..

I assure you, it's very cute!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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