Spring Cleaning.

I have never in my whole life, "Spring Cleaned".. I never saw the point in having a marathon cleaning session when it would just be wrecked in a few days anyway.. My views on this changed today! When I woke up this morning I wasn't in the best of moods and I had no idea what to do with our day.. Around 9.30am, the sun was shining and as I looked around my house, which wasn't messy but was a little un-tidy I decided there and then that I was going to have a 'Spring Clean'

I'm a big list maker.. If I have a lot on my mind or a massive task to undertake then you can be sure that my pad and pen will be with me :)

And then I was off... I've gotten about three quarters of my list completed today.. I've washed nets, I've washed windows, I've disinfected the kitchen from top to bottom, I've cleaned the bathroom like it's never been cleaned before, I washed the front door. I pulled out all the furniture downstairs and hoovered. I even mowed the front lawn.. I literally started and didn't stop for five hours..

Tomorrow I plan on emptying all the cupboards in my kitchen.. Cleaning them and then putting everything back in a logical order.

I like organising and cleaning. I didn't realise until today how much better I feel when I have a super clean house.

Please ignore the mess that I call a garden.. It is a "work in progress!"

Now I know that within 2 days Anthony and James will have un-done all my hard work but for now I am going to relish in my hard work..


Yesterday we had a Piano delivered. It is a restoration project for Anthony & James to work on together. Last week we signed James up for Piano lessons and his face when the Piano was delivered was priceless. I don't think I've ever seen him so excited!


After James was so well behaved whilst I started my Spring Cleaning I figured he deserved some fun in garden..

James is fascinated with Ladybirds at the moment... So much so that he sits and talks to them...

We have plans for a bonfire tonight.. We have a lot of wood in the garden to burn and I love bonfires!

Happy Friday!

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