Mothers Day Weekend

Today is Mothering Sunday.. My little man might drive me crazy and by the end of most days I am pulling my hair out but he is the baby we tried for five years for. He's the baby that I suffered through five miscarriages for. He is the baby that scared me when I was 23 weeks pregnant and the doctors thought that my waters had broken. He is my baby that made me a Mummy. He is so worth the days that I am so exhausted that I don't think I could function for one more moment. He makes me smile every single day.

I love him...

This weekend has been mostly relaxing. Apart from a shopping trip yesterday morning.. We have pretty much had one big chill out session.

I purchased all of these on our shopping trip yesterday.


Yes! That is Mary Poppins that you see! I'm in heaven. James had never seen Toy Story before but I had to buy it because I knew that he would love it. He doesn't really have the attention span to sit through movies yet but I was right, he LOVED it! This morning when he woke up the first thing he asked for was to watch Toy Story.. Not that I'm promoting using the electronic babysitter.. We watch movies together and talk about them so that's a positive in my eyes!

We've had a Pizza Picnic dinner..

We made Mothers Day presents for Nanny..

And then this morning Anthony & James brought me a cup of tea in bed :) I think it's nice that us Mummy's get a day of appreciation once a year! 


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like a lovely day was had by all x

  2. It was great! Thank you x I hope you got spoiled too! xx


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