Miscellany Monday

Yesterday I had big plans to do a Sunday Roast Dinner with a Leg of Lamb I had brought the day before from our local meat man that comes every Saturday.. I had it all planned.. Until on Sunday morning I pulled the meat out of the fridge and it was Green.. Ewww.. The only colour I can describe it is the colour of mould.. Although it wasn't mouldy.. I didn't want to take any chances with it so into the bin it went :(

So instead of a lovely Roast that I had planned.. I dug some chicken breasts out, added onions and peppers and some chopped Tomatoes..

It went nice with Roast Potatoes and honey roasted Veg.. Well the boys seemed to enjoy it!


James has a fascination at the moment with seeds and planting them. Every time he has an apple we have to take the seeds out and plant them. My bath room window sil is filled with Yoghurt pots, all with little seeds growing in them..

Today we took a trip to Wilkinsons and purchased him some seeds & compost.. We want to encourage the love that he has for growing food :)


I have so much that I want to do in the house but at the moment with the weather being so nice.. I find it hard to motivate myself.. A blanket on the grass and this little man are much more appealing..

I hope you're all enjoying this gorgeous weather!

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