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Miscellany Monday

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I cannot get over the weather today.. It's sunny and there isn't a cloud in the sky. It's been B-E-A-U-TI-FUL! We've spent all day out of the house, mostly mooching around the town. I don't want to be cooped in on a day like today..

Whilst we were out I discovered my new favourite snack..

A Strawberry Milkshake Donut.. It's delicious!

We went for breakfast and I swear James eats more than any other three year old I know.. He polished off Bacon, Eggs & Beans quicker than I could finish my cup of tea..

Oh and I found these babies for £12.. I like a good bargain!

I haven't had trainers in months and I had forgotten how comfy they were.. I love heels but since having James my feet just don't like them :(

Today I also had to do something that I didn't want to do but was necessary for my sanity.. This had to go back up on our kitchen door..

I originally took it down months ago but James is still into everything and one big rule in my house is that he doesn't help himself to food.. A few weeks back he figured out that by moving the dining table chairs and climbing on them he can reach the food cupboards.. I swear if I let him he'd eat all day long. In the end I got so fed up of telling him "No!" & "Get off the chair!" & "Stop climbing on the counters!" I gave in and said Hello to the baby gate again..

Now I have to try and expel some energy from my hyperactive child who is currently trying to feed the dog play scissors... Excuse me..

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