Miscellany Monday

It doesn't happen very often... But when it does... It's awesome and I love it..

Yes, I'm talking about when I wake up before James in the morning. I think I can count on one hand the number of times it has actually happened. I was not blessed with a great sleeper! I love being able to have a cup of tea and wake up properly before being greeted with a list of demands, which normally include, "Mummy, I want a drink," and "Mummy, I'm hungry."

This morning I got a whole twenty minutes to myself :)

Anthony had an appointment this morning so James and I went along and hung out at the shops whilst we waited.. We ended up sat outside Wilkinsons.. A perfect photo opportunity.


A friend reccomened a book to me and I started it this morning. It's called Mum's List and it's amazing.. Long story short, its a true story and written by a Man that lost his wife to Cancer. Before she died she made a list of all the things she wants for him and their two young sons. It's all about after her death and him accomplishing her list, with flash backs to the past and their relationship. It's one of them books that makes you stop and think about your own life and how lucky we all really are.. I'm half way through already. I cannot put it down..

I think every Mum needs to read it!


  1. That book sounds amazingly powerful, will have to look it up I think - thanks for sharing it with us all! x

  2. New to your blog, your family is very beautiful!!


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