So, it's been about a month since I created this blog and I've updated it once.. I've kind of been indecisive about whether I wanted to stay over at Live Journal or come here.. Decision made, so here I am :)

James' birthday has been and gone and I am still in denial that I have a three year old.. I refuse to admit that he is growing up..

His party went off without a hitch. I spent the week leading up to it a nervous wreck and stressing over the smallest detail but at the end of the day all the kids had fun and James is still talking about it now!

His Fireman Engine cake turned out awesome, all thanks to a very talented friend :)

The look on his face when he saw it and we all sang Happy Birthday was priceless and made all the worrying and stress worthwhile.

His actual birthday was two days later so we spent the day at Wacky Warehouse playing, having a picnic and feeding the horses!

If I'm like this when he turns three, what am I going to be likes when he turns 18 and announces that he's leaving home! 


  1. Another beautiful blog - and your son is super cute! Look forward to reading more on this new blog :-)

  2. Thanks Hannah! I've been over at LJ for nearly 9 years but fancied a change! Still trying to figure out how Blogger works lol! xx


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