Cleaning Spree!

Do you know what I love? How getting a new piece of furniture for my home inspires me to clean every room in my house! I did have a fully functioning kitchen table but one by one the chairs kept breaking until last week we were left with one chair. I ended up getting rid of the table out of pure frustration. Yesterday we got a new one! It's gorgeous.. A little bit bigger than our old one and it also extends which is a big plus in my book. The best part? It has four matching chairs! A big bonus in my book!

After it was delivered I went on massive cleaning spree.. Every room got attacked. Not that you would know it now.. Apparently trying to keep a house clean when you have a child is like trying to shovel snow whilst it's still snowing. The house takes me hours to clean but James can destroy in about 3.5 seconds flat!

Brand new NCIS is about to start so I plan on relaxing with the puppy and my Snuggie blanket and enjoy the peace and quiet after a manic week. I didn't sleep great last night so I've been exhausted all day. I've also had a cold for the past 2 weeks that won't budge. Colds seem to kick your butt and hang around for ages making you feel like rubbish :(

I'll be back tomorrow to post some photos! I don't have the energy to do them tonight.

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