I always hate these first, introduction posts. I never know what to say.. So I'll start with Hi :) I'm Liane, I'm 26 and live in England. I've been over at Live Journal for about 8 years but I fancied a change, so here I am..

I married my best friend on my 23rd birthday. Saturday August 16th, 2008

Our first and only son was born on Saturday February 21st, 2009..

Yes, I was 14 weeks pregnant when we got married.. No, it wasn't a shotgun wedding! The wedding was planned long before we found out that James was on his way.

He is turning three in just a week and a half and I'm totally in denial about him growing up!

More about me? I'm your typical Type A personality. I hate being late, I love making lists. I love all things girly & anything crafty even though I'm not very good at them! I have just qualified in Psychology although for now I'm happy with being a Stay At Home Mum. I want to carry on studying and specialise in Child Psychology. I love writing and photography is a new found hobby of mine. I got a new camera last week so I'm a bit obsessed with snapping photos at the moments!

I'm planning on joining Scentsy in the next couple of months and I'm also embarking on a new Photography venture with my Sister in the very near future.

I do suffer with Anxiety and Emetophobia (the fear of vomitting) I'm trying really hard not to let it control my life anymore. There are good days and bad days but I'm trying to focus on the positive moments!

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  1. Just saw your comment on Enjoying the Small Things. It is good to meet you!Good luck on your journey to take control!


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