Friday, 30 January 2015

Emilie - Eighteen Months.

Eighteen months! I can't quite believe that Emilie is a year and a half old already. It seem over the past month or so that she has lost so many of her baby qualities and is such a little toddler now. She still has her milk before bed in a bottle, sat with me on my lap, but that is the only thing now that reminds me that just a few short months ago she was a baby. 

Daily, new words are coming from her. She has started to repeat a lot of what you say which is lots of fun! I think that, coupled with the fact that she finally started walking is helping with her temperamental nature. The past few weeks she has been so much happier in herself. Something which I never thought that I would say after sixteen months of near constant screaming. 

We had snow last night for the first time in since March/April 2013 so this morning was Emilie's first experience with the fun white stuff. I'm not sure who was more excited, me or her. I was kind of hoping that James would get a snow day from school but there just wasn't enough snow to make the schools close! 

I am loving this age.. It was my favourite with James too. Maybe because we seem to have fussy high needs babies? I'd be kind of happy to press pause right about now though.. It feels that from about now onwards time just goes faster and faster.

Happy EIGHTEEN months Boo Boo!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Catch Up!

It's been nearly a month since I've sat down here to write.. It was an intentional hiatus.. I've always been the type of person that if I can't commit to something 100% then I give up and decide not to do anything instead. Not my best personality trait but there it is.. So I didn't have time to commit 100% to my blog so instead I decided to just not write anything.. The only problem with that though is that I need to write. So here I am. My month long break over and I feel ready to throw myself back into my little space..

What's been going on around these parts?

James lost his first tooth! How in the world is he old enough for that to happen? It was wobbly for a few weeks and then one day, out it fell, just as he was about to drink a big glass of milk so I'm quite grateful that he didn't swallow it! He now has his new tooth poking through and another wobbly one. 

I have finally quit smoking! Yay! I'm on eighteen days and counting. I have my little vaporiser and although I've had tough moments, overall it's been a lot easier than I was imagining. 

I've started juicing fruit and vegetables, mainly to try and get some more nutrients into me, but also for the health benefits. I plan to do a whole post on this so I won't say too much but if you're on the fence about juicing then try a melon, apple, pineapple & strawberry juice for breakfast ;) You won't be sorry! 

{A new haircut.. I'm seeing a theme appearing.. 
This month has been a month of self improvement..} 

And that's about it.. My first post-hiatus update... It's good to be back :) 

Friday, 2 January 2015

30 for 30 - Reading Challenge.

I have always loved to read. As a kid I never worried about being sent to my room as a punishment because that's where my books were! That was until my Mum cottoned on and then banned me from reading as a punishment... :)

I have two problems though.. Firstly, I like to re-read books. Some of mine I have read countless time and I never get bored of them. Also, now that I have two children, finding the time to actually pick up a book is hard. Once they are in bed there are so many other jobs that I need to be doing that weeks go past sometimes before I even think about reading.

I've set myself a challenge though and because of my approaching birthday I've named it 30 for 30.. I'm going to read 30 new books this year. I am not allowed to count books that I've already read before..

I have my first 3 books lined up and yesterday I started.. "The Woman Who Stole My Life" by Marian Keyes.

So two and a half books a month? I'm sure I can do this!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

I always get antsy around the New Year. I see it as a new beginning. A clean slate. I want to do new things, learn new subjects, tackle new projects, create new things. The trouble is that I have no idea what those new things are. Therefore I end up, antsy. 

I finally decided on my word for the year yesterday.

I am a big scaredy cat. I fear a lot of things and I get scared to try new things. I like being in my comfort zone and I avoid anything outside of that. I don't like things that put me on edge or push me out of my self imposed boundaries. Whilst I was trying to think of all the new things that this time of year makes me want to try I realised that I won't be able to do anything if I'm always fighting them. If I am always scared.  

So this year, I will be brave. 

This year I turn 30 years old. I want to stop worrying about every little thing, all the tiny details that more often than not, I don't have control of anyway. I want to be adventurous. I want to embrace challenges and changes rather than resist them. I want to feel all the good things that this year has to offer but I also want to pay attention to the not-so-good parts. Both the good and bad have things that we can learn from them. 

As I turn 30 I want to be brave. 

“Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.” 
C. JoyBell C. 

Happy new year!  

Monday, 29 December 2014


I'm coming out of hiding.. The Christmas tree has been taken down, new toys have found their new home and I've eaten my body weight in chocolate. The temperature took a dip right as Christmas hit and this morning we walked to the shops in -4 degree weather. I love christmas, like a four year old does, but I also love the New Year. I love the fresh start that it offers and the chance to change things, to make things better..

A little re-cap of our Christmas week before I leave it too late and we're into 2015..

{New Pj's on Christmas Eve}

{He wrote his letter to Santa and offered him to take a rest in his chair.. "If you think you will fit.."}

And these two? They made it all worth while.. The stress, the planning, the preparations. To see them so happy and believing in all the magic. It was amazing..

2015.. Lets see what you've got! 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Preparing For Christmas - A Day In The Life.

Today's prompt for Blogmas 2014 is to share a day in our life as we prepare for the big day.

Because of my Type A personality, I have to have things organised well in advance. Even if I can't sort everything beforehand, I have to know what I'm going to be doing. I make lists, lots of lists. Lists for food, jobs that I have do, presents that I've brought, things that need to be done on Christmas Eve.. You name it and I probably have a list for it!

I have the meat for the Thursday already in my freezer and tomorrow the rest of the food is being delivered. The presents are all wrapped apart from the children's PJ's which I am going to do tonight, ready for them on Wednesday night. Also on Wednesday afternoon I will prepare all of the potatoes and vegetables for Thursday. We're off to spend Boxing Day with my family so all the clothes for that will be sorting on Christmas Eve also. I hate being in a rush on the day so if it's all done then there is less for me to worry about!

It doesn't help that Emilie is still poorly and not doing well at all. She is spending most of her days screaming and sending my nerves sky rocketing. I am keeping everything crossed that she is doing better by Thursday.. 

Can you believe that the big day is almost here?! I can't! 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Five On Friday!

With taking part in Blogmas 2014 this month I haven't had much time to just sit and write about what's going on in our world. So therefore I figured Five On Friday would be perfect opportunity :)


Emilie has been unwell all week.. It started with a brutal cold and has developed into Croup. She isn't eating or sleeping, therefore not a lot of us are sleeping. Poor thing was awake with a coughing fit from 2.45am this morning. I could tell that she really wanted to sleep but every time she dosed off she would start coughing again. She's exhausted, I'm exhausted and neither of us have a lot of patients at the moment.. However she is the only one that can get away with throwing herself on the floor whilst having a tantrum..


James has his first wobbly tooth! I'm asking myself how he is even old enough to be hitting that milestone yet. He's excited but worried that it's going to hurt when it does eventually fall out. I think the promise of money from the tooth fairy is helping to alleviate that..


I want to take a minute to rave about my new iPhone 6 Plus! Going from the iPhone 4 to the 6 Plus there is such a big difference! It's quicker, the camera is a million times better and Suri is quite funny if you're bored! I was worried that it was going to be too big but I can still use it one handed whilst pushing the pushchair so no problems there :) It's safe to say that I'm very happy with my early Christmas present..


Anthony has eleven days off over Christmas and to say that he's looking forward to it would be a slight understatement. He's counting down the days until he finishes at lunch time on Christmas Eve. James finishes school this afternoon and I'm happy that we're going to have some down time. Towards the end of each term James is so ready to have some time off. He's tired and in need of a rest.. I foresee some Christmas movies, snuggles on the sofa and bundling up for some chilly mornings at the park in our very near future.


Do you make new years resolutions? For the past two years I haven't and instead gone for a word for the year. This past year my word was 'Connect'. I wanted to connect more with people. My family, my friends both in real life and online. I think I've managed to keep it in my back of my mind for the year and I've definitely improved my.... Connections :)

I've started thinking about my new word for 2015.. I don't have it yet.. Last year I struggled for weeks and then it suddenly came to me on New Years Eve. Maybe I'll figured it out sooner this year?