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Thankful Friday.

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I'm starting to really enjoy writing these weekly thankful posts. It's good to sit down and intentionally think about the good. No one week is perfect but even during 'bad' days or weeks, there is always good. Little slices of happiness that bring a smile. 

What were my slices of happiness this week? Well, I'm glad you asked :) 

1// A sunny park trip with Henry. He was fascinated by the grass! 

2// Listening to Henry giggle every time James even looks at him. 

3// Starting a new course with the Open Study College. After having each child I've done a distance learning course, just to stop my brain from turning to mush. After James I got my diploma in Psychology. After Emilie I studied Makeup Artistry and now after Henry, I am going for my Level 3 in Marketing & Social Media Management. I'm excited because I feel like it's actually something I could make a go off. Watch this space! 

4// Emilie telling me she 'loves me millions..' 

5// Listening to James tell me how him and 6 of his school friends are moving to LA when they leave school. They have it all planned out. Apparently they were going to go to New York but then changed their minds.. He ended the conversation with, "Just the tickets are going to set me back two grand.." He also informed me that I can come too!

6// Practicing for my theory test at the end of this month and passing several of the 'mock' exams. 

7// A beautiful sunny day after a day of constant rain. 

8// Eating the best bacon & sausage roll that I'm pretty sure was bigger than my head. 


Thrive Stress Free App.

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If you've been reading here for any amount of time you'll have probably realised that I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. It's normally always centred around my Emetophobia but sometimes life will throw something at me when I'm already anxious and the added stress will set me back. 
I've been doing a lot better the past 3 years, especially with the anxiety relating to my Emetophobia. That being said, some days it will sneak up on me and leave me stumbling. Also I think everyone should always be conscious of their mental health. Depression, stress and anxiety can affect anyone. 

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Thrive and asked if I wanted to try their new app called Stress Free. Thrive was founded by Dr Andres Fonseca, a psychiatrist with 20 years experience in helping patients with mental health issues and Richard Flower, a games developer. Along with the Stress Free app they have also designed Arachnophobia Free (I need this one too!) & Agoraphobia Free. 

My initial thoughts when I downloaded the app was how easy it was to set up. My email address and a password and I was all set. I liked the Island theme running throughout the app, it was relaxing from the get go. 

There were some initial questions to answer about I was generally feeling, what certain things were worrying me, how I had felt in the previous two weeks etc. Each morning when you log onto the app it asks you how you are feeling that day. 

It then offers you certain exercises to complete that day which they think may help you based off your results. It's as simple as that! 

The main page of the app looks like this below. You can then select whichever exercise you want to complete at that time. 

My favourites parts of the app are the "Breathing" & "Deep muscle".. I'm not normally a fan of apps where there is someone talking you through an exercise. (I once listened to a stop smoking hypnosis app and the woman drove me crazy, so much so I couldn't finish it. I did stop smoking though!) The voice talking you through these exercises is very inoffensive and actually slightly relaxing. 

I've been using this app for just under two weeks now and I have noticed a difference overall. I am definitely more aware of how I feel in certain circumstances and when I need to change my thinking. I can definitely see how using it on a long term basis would be beneficial to my own mental health! 

I received this app free for one month in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Henry - Seven Months.

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SEVEN months! Sometimes it feels like he is so much older. Not because he's doing anything more than a seven month old should be doing but just because he is so damn big! According to our home scales he weighs around 20lbs. I know they're not a 100% accurate way to weigh a baby but it's a way to get a good gauge of how he's doing. He's been in size 6-9 month clothes since he was five months old, still breastfeeding every 2-3 hours and is doing better and better everyday with solid food so I'd say he's doing well! 

This month Henry's mastered sitting up! I'm still cautiously leaving my breastfeeding pillow behind him so when he throws himself backwards he has a safe landing but he starting now to use his arms when he wants to change position. He also rolled over for the first time this month but has literally done that twice. He has no interest in rolling whatsoever. 

I wrote a post earlier this week about our adventures with Baby Led Weaning so far so I won't repeat that all over again. You can read that post here :) Everyday though he is doing better and better and is starting to chew like a pro. He seems to have a more savoury pallet. Toast appears to be his favourite followed by banana. He wasn't a fan of melon or kiwi. He'll give anything a go though. I am so thankful to say that above all else he is still a boob monster. Ha! 

Sleep.. Nights are hit and miss. Some nights he will only feed twice between 7pm and 6am.. Other times he gets up to 5 or 6 times. He does go back to sleep pretty much straight away so I can't really complain. Over the past week though there has been a lot of random night time crying which leads me to believe it's those pesky teeth, which are right under the gums but still not in a hurry to make their appearance. Both James & Emilie were around 7 months when they got their first teeth so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this month! 

He still loves bath times. I swear this baby is a fish. Put him in the bath or the swimming pool and he is happy. His favourite toys are the jumperoo & his Sophie Giraffe. 

This month seems to have led to a bit of separation anxiety. It's not horrendous (yet!) but occasionally over the past two weeks if I hand him to someone else and I'm not in his direct line of vision we've had some tears. I read somewhere once that it's around this age that babies realise that they are not physically attached to their Mummy's and they suddenly become aware that we could walk away and not come back. I'm happy for the extra snuggles though :) 

Overall this month has been pretty great. I've never had an easy going baby before so this is a whole new world to me. He pretty much spends most of his day smiling and squealing.. 

Happy seven months Henry!

James Takes Over Mum's Blog!!!

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Today James asked me if he could start his own blog. We came to a compromise and I told him that he could take over my blog for the day..... 

MY LIFE STORY by James Bayliss.

{Me writing my first blog post}

I was born at 12:31 AM at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. I weighed 7 pounds.

I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and then came home to our flat with Mum & Dad my birthday was 21st February. The first time I ever went out of our flat in London was to Westminster Bridge outside the Houses of Parliament! I lived there until I was 16 months old, and moved to Rushden.  My Auntie Dawn lived across the road from my flat.

{Walking around St James' Park}

When I was 4 I had a baby sister, Emilie. The night she was born I had a sleepover at my Mum's friends house. When I came home, to my surprise there was a REAL baby sister!

{Me and my little sister}

I was lucky because I didn't start school until I was 4 and a half. I went to Whitefriars Infants. I am still at the school but the Juniors. My friends are really nice and I have 6 of them. Now I'm lucky enough to have a bigger house AND a baby brother, Henry. He is the youngest, and I'm the oldest. I'm happy because this is my first blog post... for now. I moved from Rushden to Irthlingborough. I've lived here for 6 almost 7 months. Happy first blog everyone!!!!
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