Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Day Thirty - Goodbye Blog-tember.

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Day 30 - A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you'd like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time?

I cannot believe that we are at the end of the month already! Where did it go? I've loved this challenge and I really hope that Bailey Jean organises another one! Some prompts were easier than others and some made me really have to stop and think. Some took me out of my comfort zone, but that's a good thing. I think it's easy when you're blogging to get stuck in a rut and to always write about the same things. This challenge has reminded me that you can write about anything! Tell a story about anything! Reading other people's post over the past thirty days has been inspiring and an eye opener.. I'm sad to see it end.


Today being the 30th means that a certain little lady is 14 months old today.. (talk about time flying by..) 

I'm going to do her update tomorrow so in the mean time..  

September, it's been fun...

Monday, 29 September 2014

Day Twenty-Nine - Blogging Advice.

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Day 29 - What are your go-to blogging resources? What would you recommend to a beginner?

I've only been blogging for just under four years so I'm still a novice in the whole blog world. I'm still trying to find my place here and I've struggled finding my voice. I wrote a post a while back about what type of category I fall into. Mummy blogger? Lifestyle blogger? Then I decided that I didn't need to fit into any category. It's my little space where I can write what I want. I can share what I want. I love coming here after the kids have gone to bed, opening up a new post and just writing. It's my release and what keeps me sane! 

Advice for New Bloggers. 

Be Yourself - The biggest piece of advice I would give you is to just be yourself. Don't try to force it. If you want to write about you children. Do it. If you want to share DIY projects or cooking recipes  Do it! I have a list of blogs that I love and read religiously and the reason I love them is because the people behind them are authentic and real. 

Layout - The one things that will turn me away from a blog is if their layout is all over the place. I like to be able to read the posts properly, see the photos and find different sections, such as an About Me page or a Contact Me tab. 

No Reply Blogger - I get so disappointed when I receive a comment on my blog, I go to reply through email and then I find out that they are a 'No Reply Blogger' which basically means they do not have an email address linked with their account. It takes two minutes to do and will help so much with connecting with your readers. (To add an email address to your account. Go to your Blogger Profile and on the left hand side is an email option) 

Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.. They're all your friends in the world of blogging! I use them all but not all for my blog.. Twitter is mainly for my blog whereas I keep my Facebook private. Pick and choose which ones you like :)

And before I go. I want to say thank you. To the people who take the time to read my blog. To those that then take the time to send me a comment or a lovely email. I read and respond to every single one (unless you're a no reply blogger! Ha!) I have come to love this blogging community and that's mostly down to you!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day Twenty-Eight - Highs Vs Lows.

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Day 28 - What were your highs and lows for this month?

I consider myself lucky. We're not rich. We don't have a big house or lots of expensive things but on the other hand we don't have big problems. Our home life is good. We have a stable relationship and our children are happy and healthy. Todays prompt is about the highs and lows of this month. Thankfully there has been a lot more highs than lows. 


... James settling in so well to his new class. I cannot believe that he is in Year One. I'm so proud of our not-so-little-boy. 

... Anthony finally finishing a three week stint of working nights. That was brutal on all of us but especially him. 

... Watching my Mum fulfil her dream of jumping out of an aeroplane. Then a week later she turned 50! 

... Facing my fears and spending an evening in a restaurant with my family to help my Mum celebrate her birthday. 

... Emilie took her first two steps last week! She hasn't taken any since but that's possibly because I screamed when she did those first steps and I may have put her off walking for life.

... Anthony turned 33! We had a little get together at home with some friends. It was low key because he was still on nights but still fun! 


... Emilie has a viral infection and hasn't been well for nearly a week now. Baby girl is miserable with a capital M. She is off her food and spends most of her day crying :(

... James also has a cold but hopefully is on the back end of it now. 

...  I've  been more stressed that normal the past few weeks and I guess I've been letting my to-do list overwhelm me.  I don't like the stressed version of me.

... James fell over whilst running at the beginning of the month and cut all his face down one side, across his forehead and over his nose. It looked awful and it's only healed properly this past week.  

Definitely more highs than lows! September hasn't been too bad to us! 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Day Twenty-Seven - A Wish List.

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Day 27 - What's on your wish list?

An iPhone 5. I had one but it was stolen last year. Since then I've been using an iPhone 4 and it just isn't the same.

A Nikon D7000. My sister recently purchased one and I can see why they are so expensive. If I had an overflowing bank account this would be the first thing on my list!

A sleigh bed. I have no idea why but I've always wanted one.

A trip to New York. Preferably at Christmas but I'll take anytime. I'm not picky :) My Mum just got back yesterday. She spent her 50th birthday there and looking at her photos makes me all the more eager to go.. 

Just three more days of the blog-tember challenge left! Can you believe how fast it has gone? I think we need to do another month!  

Friday, 26 September 2014

Day Twenty-Six - A Better Me.

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Day 26 - How have you changed in the past year?

I just looked at the rest of the prompts for this month and I cannot believe how close to the end we are! I missed the day that we had to make a Vlog, due to my own insecurities, and this past Saturday due to me trying to juggle too many things. Apart from that though, I'm quite proud that I've managed everyday! Not easy with two little ones running around. I'm sad that this is nearly over. 

So today's prompt is how I've changed in the past year. I'm actually going to say the past two years. You'll see why. 

Two years ago I wrote this post. I had recently been prescribed medication to help me cope with depression & anxiety caused by my Emetophobia. I was struggling with life and just the day to day tasks were such a challenge for me. This post was my turning point. The medication was starting to work and I was feeling happier. Then in the December I found out that I was pregnant with Emilie and I had to stop taking my tablets. I was scared. Was I going to go backwards? Thankfully, I didn't notice any change and to this day I am coping without them. 

In the past two years I have come on in leaps and bounds with regards to my Emetophobia. Before I would have 15-20 anxiety attacks everyday. Just leaving the house would make me nervous and I cannot begin to tell you how many plans I had to cancel because the anxiety was crippling. 

The biggest change came in me when I fell pregnant. I was nauseous for pretty much the whole of the pregnancy, (there was no second trimester glow for me!) Although as a person that suffers from the fear of vomiting, it was awful to feel that way for 37 weeks, it helped me in a way that nothing else had. I am still terrified of it. I still feel that crippling fear but it doesn't consume me anymore. When I was suffering with all those anxiety attacks every day they were easy to cope with because I was so use to them that I kind of went on auto pilot. Now when I have one, because they are so few and far between I don't cope as well as I did because I'm not use to them anymore. I'll take that over what it was like though. I was constantly putting on a happy face. I would wake up in the morning and dread another day. I felt like such a failure, like I couldn't cope with life and I was so worried that it was affecting me being a good mother. 

I now have good days and bad days. When the kids are unwell, I go to pieces. I do what I have to do but inside I am a wreck. On normal days though I am happy. i don't let the fear get to me like I use to. I don't wake up dreading what the day will bring. I am by no means free from my Emetophobia and I don't think I ever will be, but I am a better me. 

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day Twenty Five - A Guest Post.

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Day 25 - Grab a guest post! Swap blogs with someone, and share about anything. :)

I've been both anxious and excited about this particular prompt. Anxious because I've never written for someone else's blog and excited because I've never had someone else write for mine! Today, I am welcoming Helen from I Will Bloom to my little space here. I met her through this link-up and I am so glad that I did. She is one of the warmest people that I have met in a long time and it's kind of uncanny in how similar that we are. Helen is an amazing writer and her words never fail to touch me. Head over to her blog and say Hi :)


Guest post day today and Liane came up with the brilliant idea of writing about what advice we’d give to our children when they’re 20. Thanks Liane: it was difficult - hit me at a difficult time - but here goes:

For my children, my precious son and my beautiful daughter:

I want you to know, above everything, that my love for you goes beyond any possible boundaries. I used to say, when you were little, “I love you sooooooo much” and you both used to ask me, “Mama. How much?” and I’d say, “To the moon and back one hundred times” and you’d both sit there and stare at me wide-eyed and ask, “Only that much?” and I’d reply, tickling you, “I can’t tell you how much I love you because it’s more love than there is in the whole world. So much love it almost makes me almost burst, its almost too big for my body”. As I write this, I have images flashing through my mind of you both: of your smiles, your beautiful eyes, your laughter, of your unique little gestures and mannerisms and ways of saying things. I could sit and watch you both for hours and never get bored, just sitting and watching you gives me so much delight. 

I’m remembering, now, when you asked me, last night, after the thunder had woken you up, “Is it morning already, Mama?” and of you, my son, my 8 year old boy, rushing to my arms, for a hug, because the thunder had woken you up and you were shaking, you were so scared. Both of you all sleepy eyed and stumbly words, you were so tired. Both of you asking if you could get in to bed with me because you were scared. I think of this and I hope you’ll always see me as someone who’ll offer you shelter, whatever the situation. However bleak something seems, you must always know that you can always, but always, come to me and I will help you. Whatever it is. However small - or however big - it is, this thing that’s bothering you, I willalways be there to help you, to hold your hand when necessary, to pick you up when you fall. Mistakes are opportunities to learn, to grow. You should never be afraid of making mistakes because that’s where the opportunities to do bigger and better things are. Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes. You should be worried if you’re not making mistakes. 

From the moment I felt you both moving, fluttering, in my belly, I felt the most immense connection with you and the most profound love for you both. A love like no other, a love you’ll only know the force of once you have children of your own. I’ve only ever wanted what’s best for you both, and I hope you’ll see that, even at times when we’ve perhaps not seen eye to eye about something, you realise that I only had your best interests at heart. It’s my place, as your Mama, to guide you as best as I can whilst allowing you to find your own, unique, paths. You amaze me every single day with your creativity and ingenuity, your sense of humour, your wit and grace. You both make me so very proud. You, my son, please, always keep your sense of awe. You, my daughter, always stay fierce. These unique, and special, qualities you have are what make you you: please don’t ever lose sight of who you are and, please, never let anyone tell you you’re less than everything, all the amazing things, you are. Never settle forless when you’re so obviously destined for more

I’m here for you, with open arms, with a full heart, a full head of knowledge and more than five decades of wisdom. I can’t wait to see what path you blaze in the world and will support you fully, 100%, in whatever it is you choose to do, as long as I see that what you’ve chosen to do lights you up and allows you to use all of your many talents to the fullest. I won’t let you settle. I wouldn’t be doing my job, as your Mama, if I let you settle for something that’s not allowing you to be everything you could be. I don’t care if that’s a singer or a painter or a banker or a cabinet maker. I just want you to know that whatever you choose is OK with me, as long as whatever you choose is something you love and something that makes you shine with a light from deep inside. Life’s too short to do something you don’t enjoy, something that doesn’t let you live your passion. 

I hope, most of all, that I gave you a life you enjoyed and that I gave you the tools you need to navigate life as an adult, with fairness and grace. You’ll have met, and will meet, many kinds of people. Some of them will build you up, some of them will try to tear you down. Treat them all equally. With kindness and respect. It’s not anyone’s place to judge others, because we can never know where the other person is coming from, what’s leading them to behave as they do. So, never judge. Never let anyone’s behaviour make your own behaviour less than acceptable. You have a responsibility to yourself to be fair and respectful and kind. Kindness is, as you know, a very important quality. It can smooth arguments, sooth people’s paths, help heal wounds. It’s powerful. Remember that. 

Remember, also, to always be thankful, grateful, for all that you are and all that you have. You can live happily with few material possessions, but make sure that you always have a rich inner life: a rich, and supportive, circle of friends; a happy disposition, cultivated from self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love; an active - and, importantly - an open mind; and enough motivation that you never stagnate. And if you do feel you stagnate, I hope I’ve gifted you enough will power and motivation that you move out of that state quickly. Life is to belived. Urgently. Fully. Please don’t ever forget that. 

I love you, my darlings, much more than one hundred times to the moon and back. I love you more than I love life itself.

Mama xxx

Thank you for your post today Helen!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Day 24 - Autumn Goals!

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Day 24 - Your fall bucket list. What do you want to do before winter rolls around?

1// Read three new books.. After Emilie was born I didn't have time to read anything, let alone a book! This past four days though I started and managed to finish a whole book! I want to keep this trend going. 

2// Pick Blackberries with James. We've never done it and I know that he will love it. 

3// Carve pumpkins. James loves doing this every year and I always look forward to it. 

4// Buy winter clothes! I have none. Oops! 

5// Take part in NaNoWriMo.. Something else that I've never done but this blog-tember challenge has inspired me and taken me out of my comfort zone a little so I want to take advantage of that and expand on it. What better time, right? 

What do you want to do before Winter comes along?