Wednesday, 16 April 2014


    1 - Full term - the day before she was born. 2 - Four days old. 3 - Today! 37 + 1 days :)                                                                              

Today Emilie has been on the outside for as long as she was on the inside! 

Oh and what a rocky thirty seven weeks and one day it has been.. She hasn't been the easiest baby to deal with and we are still struggling with her silent reflux and constant crying. It's affecting her eating and her general temperament but she is an amazing little girl. 

I can tell that she is going to be a handful as a toddler! She is going to be one of those that is into everything and climbing over anyone in her way! 

She has a cheeky laugh and the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen.  

She thinks the world of James and in just a few months will be following him everywhere. 

She has one tooth, which came through last week!

She says Mama & Dada

She is trying so hard to crawl.. She gets onto all fours, moves her hands forward and then falls flat onto her tummy!

She pulled herself up for the first time at the weekend using her toy box. 

She loves yogurts.

Her "baby" is her favorite toy. 

She wakes me up in the morning by pulling my hair. 

She is always happy in water. 

She has my temper. My goodness are we going to have to keep that in check! 

She loves being in the sling. 

She hates to be stuck in the house and loves to be outside. 

She screams if anyone but me or Anthony picks her up. 

She pulls her hair when shes tired. 

She thinks the hoover is the best invention ever and squeals with delight every time I bring it out to vacuum. 

She wants to know everything that is going on and loves to be the center of attention. 

If she see's another baby she gets so excited! 

She loves cuddles. 

Happy "On the outside as long as you were on the inside" day little lady! We all love you loads. Thank you for completing our family! xxx

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Twenty Random Things.

I've seen a few other people doing this so I'm jumping on the bandwagon because it looks like fun! 

Twenty random things you may (or may not) know about me. 

1 - I love cheese. Like really love it. The week after James was born I had fifteen blocks of cheese in my fridge.. Not too good considering we later found out that he had a milk intolerance. 

2 - I love Disney movies and am relishing the fact that now I have a daughter I also have an excuse to buy the girly ones, such as Cinderella and Snow White. 

3 - I suffer from Emetophobia. Which in turns causes me to suffer from anxiety attacks. Thankfully I've learnt to control it but for a while a few years back I was loop de loop crazy! 

4 - Sometimes I miss the life of being a Military wife. 

5 - I've always wanted to live in America. When I was about twelve I found out that my Mum had the chance to move there when she was sixteen. I was so mad at her! I ranted and raved about how if she had moved then I would have been born American! 

6 - I've only ever been abroad twice and both times I was a kid. 

7 - I am and will always be Team Britney. 

8 - I still haven't finished the book that I started nearly four years ago. I guess I lost faith in my writing. 

9 - I have so many 'hobbies' that I would love to turn into something more.. That faith thing again.. 

10 - I believe that being a Mummy is the best job in the world. 

11 - I get SAD in the winter. It's amazing the change in me when the sun comes out. 

12 - I am particular about certain things.. How the plates are stacks in the dishwasher is my biggest one! 

13 - Being late is my pet peeve. 

14 - I swear.. A lot.. I have the mouth of a sailor.. 

15 - Talking of sailing.. I will never ever ever ever get on a boat.. Maybe I've watched Titanic too many times but the thought of being in the middle of the Ocean scares me. 

16 - Easter is one of my favorite holidays. 

17 - I am addicting to 'Googling' stuff.. I am the worst for going to Google with medical symptoms and before I know it, I've diagnosed myself with the Ebola virus. 

18 - I wish I could sit in my PJ's in the morning but as soon as I am up I have to be dressed with my hair done and make up on.. I blame my Mum for that one.. As a kid we were never allowed to sit around once we woke up.. We had to be dressed! 

19 - I love writing, knitting, reading, photography and Psychology. 

20 - I am so shy. Embarrassingly so. I wish I was more confident and outgoing. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

#MommyAndMe52 - Week Two

If you could have seen me this morning trying to capture my #MommyAndMe52 photo with the kids, you would have probably had a right laugh. James wasn't interested in it at all and was intent on pulling funny faces and Emilie was a bit of a grump. After me pleading with James to give me "Just one nice smile.." and taking about twenty photos I realised something. This is real life. A grumpy baby and a funny five year old that likes to make me laugh. The whole point of this #MommyAndMe52 project, for me at least, isn't just to get photos of myself with the kids but to also capture us over a year.. Us.. So we're not perfect and my children aren't always happy. They aren't always cooperative. I don't want 52 perfectly staged photos with perfectly clean and smiling children.. (Okay a few with smiling children would be nice!)

So, I decided to stop and choose one from the several I had previously dismissed. It's not perfect. There's James with his funny faces and Emilie with a snotty nose and fingers in her mouth.. But it's perfect because it's us..

If you want to join in then just post your photo along with the #MommyAndMe52 to your blog, twitter or Instagram.. Or just keep them for yourselves!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spring Has Sprung.

You know Spring has sprung when it's time for the first park adventure of the year. I was even more so excited for it this year knowing that it was Emilie's first time and also knowing that my outdoor loving girl would adore it! 

I wasn't wrong.. Allow the photos to do the talking.. 

We also had a five year old who's excitement rivaled his sisters. We brought sandwiches and sat at the bench and by looking at him you would have thought he was in Disneyland. 

The school Easter holidays have begun! 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Embracing The Curls.

I just started writing my Five On Friday post and then realised that we're only on Thursday.. I'm just going to go ahead and blame that on baby brain, okay?

So instead the post that I was planning for tomorrow (which I thought was Saturday!) is coming today..


You may or may not know but my hair is naturally curly. I've always hated it. As a kid my Mum would blow dry my hair until it was basically a ball of frizz.. Once I finally convinced my Mum to just let it dry naturally, I spent years washing it and sticking it up in a pony tail, just so I could hide the curls and volume. Then for the past few years I've been straightening it. 

Two points here.. Trying to straighten curly hair takes a lot of time.. It's so thick that firstly I have to separate my hair into three big sections and then each of those sections has to be sectioned again.. It's takes me nearly two hours to wash, dry & straighten.. Secondly who has that amount of spare time when there are little ones running around and demanding your attention?! 

So long story short.. This morning I decided that I am going to embrace the curls.. I washed it this morning and just let it dry naturally with a little bit of moose. I still hate it. The years of straightening has damaged my hair and my curls are no longer bouncy.. I think it's going to take a long time before the damage is undone, which kind of makes me sad. 

I was mooching around on Pinterest earlier and I came across this article 

I'm pretty much guilty of every single one. I don't even own a wide tooth comb... I am making a promise to myself and documenting it here so that I am accountable. I am not going to straighten my hair. I am going to try and make the most of my curls. I am going to try and undo the damage. I am going to buy a wide tooth comb ;) 

I need to take some before photos I think so that I can hopefully document my mission of "Embracing The Curls"

Lastly.. Just for laughs...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Last week, Samantha over at The Samantha Show came up with the idea of #MommyAndMe52.. A simple but brilliant idea of taking a photo of yourself with your kids once a week for 52 weeks.. I loved this idea because I have literally thousands of photos of James & Emilie but most of them are just that.. Photos of them.

As Samantha said...

I read something somewhere that when you can, you should try and put yourself in as many pictures with your kiddos as possible. Because down the road, those are the ones that are going to be their favorites. I mean, I love seeing pictures of me when I was little but I love the ones with my parents and me even more. 

I couldn't have put it better myself. There are two reasons why I'm not in many photos. Firstly, I am normally the one taking the photos and secondly, I hate myself in pictures. I am so critical and always see my flaws. Whereas what I should be seeing is a beautiful photo of me and my kids.. Something that in years to come I would look back on and smile.. 

So, I'm facing my fear of photos and taking on this challenge! Once a week I am going to post a photo here and on twitter with the hash tag MommyAndMe52. I'm excited to see how much we all change in the year!

So.. here goes.. 

And an extra one because James & I were playing with my camera earlier :)

Monday, 31 March 2014

Emilie - Eight Months.

Emilie weighs 17lb 2oz and is still in size 4 nappies. She wears 6-9 month clothes although the top in the above photo is a 9-12 month one and apart from being a little bit long in the arms, it fits! 

Eating - She still has 4 bottles a day but the past two days I have been trying to phase out her 10am bottle. Normally she has that one and then her lunch at 11am. She takes on average 6-7oz with each bottle. She loves her solid food but still cannot tolerate any lumps at all. She just gags and vomits. We're working on it but I think it's going to take some time so until then my blender is in full use! 

{An attempt at self feeding}

Sleeping - I never know what is going to happen at nights. She always goes to bed fine but whether she stays asleep and for how long is a different matter. Sometimes she sleeps until 5am before needing to be rocked back to sleep, other nights she is awake every hour. I think teeth may be playing a part in those nights. She has 2 or 3 naps a day. 

Milestone -

Emilie is now stable when sitting on her own. So much so that I've stopped putting the quilt behind her! 

She is also so close to crawling and desperate to do so.. She gets up onto her arms and tries so hard to get onto her knees. She hasn't been able to yet which really frustrates her.

This month she said her first two words! The first was "Mama" and then a week later she said "Dada." Very proud parents over here :)

Emilie loves - Her brother, her walker, her food, being naked, bath time, balloons, playing on our bed. 

Emilie hates - Getting dressed or undressed, having something taken off of her, being stuck inside the house for too long. 

It blows my mind when I think about the fact that she is already eight months old. She is at a great age though and learning new things everyday. We're still experiencing some problems with silent reflux and I cannot get her into see her pediatrician at the hospital until June so for now we're continuing with her current medication and monitoring it. 

Happy EIGHT months Boo Boo!