Thursday, 28 May 2015


Vlogs.. Over the past few weeks I've watched so many on You Tube. They fascinate me. I admire the people behind them. To have the confidence to sit there and talk about anything and everything, daily life, make-up, fashion, kids.. You name it and there is a vlog about it. I just don't have that type of confidence about me. Maybe thats why I like blogging so much. I get to do what I love, write and connect with other people, but I don't have to put myself out there too much. I couldn't imagine making a video where it's available for millions of people to watch.. I don't even like leaving answer machine messages on someones phone!

Watching these videos though has made me want to make more videos of James & Emilie. Not to share on the big wide web but for memories sake. I take loads of photos. My last check informed me that I had 13,000 photos on my computer since James was born.. (Oops!) I don't make many videos though and I want to change that. Photos are great but it's one second in time. A video has so much more to it. Lucky for me my new camera has a video function so I'm all set to go :)

We're coming to the end of the half term week and it's been lovely. We've spent days in the garden, when the weather has permitted. Met up with family, had lazy mornings and movies days. We've taken walks and played in the park. James goes back to school on Monday for seven weeks and then he's off for the summer and I cannot wait! A whole six weeks of fun (& maybe a little stress..)

What's on your Summer bucket list? I'm working on ours tonight and I have so many ideas. Hurry up Summer!

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Strong Women.

Most days when I scroll through Instagram I end up comparing peoples photos with my own life. I know I shouldn't but I think it's something that a lot of us are guilty of occasionally. Silly things like, their house is bigger than mine or they're a better photographer. Last week though I was scrolling through and I came across a photo that immediately made me smile.

I've never tried to hide my past, I'm not ashamed of it, but it's also not something that I shout about from the rooftops. My past has made me the person that I am today, both the good parts of me and the bad. 

I come from a broken home. 
I am a survivor of child sexual abuse. 
I was bullied at school.
I got married at eighteen to an abusive man. That marriage ended whilst I was still eighteen.
I suffered from five miscarriages before we managed to have James.
I am on anti anxiety medication. It has helped me no end.
My problems with food started when I was twelve and are still ongoing.
I do not have any contact at all with my Dad.

I am a big believer in that everything happens for a reason, even if you can't see it at the time. My past has shaped me. I've learnt lessons from it. It's made me cry, it's made me stumble but each time I've gotten back up, dusted myself off and started again. That alone makes me proud, not ashamed. Proud that I'm a survivor, proud to be a woman.

Strong Women..
May we know them.. 
May we raise them.. 
May we be them.. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Nap Time.

I love nap time. Doesn't every parent? During the week when James is at school and 12.30pm rolls around I get a whole precious one and half-sometimes two hours to clean, drink a (hot!) cup of tea, blog, or sometimes just sit and put my feet up.. I love it though when she's had enough rest and she wakes up, her hair a birds nest at the back, her eyes still all sleepy. I walk into her bedroom and she sits straight up. I always say, "Did you have a good nap?"

She nods her head, grabs her dummy and cloth and puts her hands up. As soon as we walk downstairs, the first words out of her mouth are.. "Snack?" There she sits, whist she wakes up properly, with her juice and a snack, quite happy to spend fifteen minutes snuggling with me.

I was lucky with James and he napped until he was nearly three years old.. Somehow I don't think I'm going to be that lucky with my little lady. So, today, before that day comes I wanted to document her post-nap sweetness.

Monday, 11 May 2015

I Wish I....

.. I knew how people with more than two kids manage it all. When I think of having three children my thoughts automatically turn to 'outnumbered..'

.. I didn't get overwhelmed quite so easily..

.. Was more crafty..

.. I had the confidence to start the business that I desperately want to start..

.. I didn't care quite so much about what people think of me..

.. I lived somewhere hot..

.. I wasn't as addicted to chocolate and energy drinks as I am..

.. I was more adventurous..

.. I wish I hadn't have left college..

.. I didn't worry about the little things..

.. I hadn't painted my kitchen red a few years ago.. It's going to take a lot of white paint when I finally get around to re-decorating it..

.. I had more 'Mummy' friends..

.. I wasn't a Type A personality..

.. I hadn't have had my third tattoo when I was 18 years old.. It's never a good idea to get a tattoo as a dare..

.. I had naturally straight hair.. You have no idea how many hours I spend a week straightening my curls!..

.. It was easier to find a balance between being a Mum, my to-do list and being Liane :) ..

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Weekend Happenings.

I like to read blogs that have photos. I think it adds something to their story. At the same time I like to write posts that contain photos. I love the art of weaving words and photos together. A while ago my camera started playing up. I couldn't blame it, it was seven years old and had seen my sister through her photography course at college and I'd had it since 2012 and used it pretty much everyday. So for a while now, I've been camera-less.. Until yesterday, thanks to my upcoming 30th birthday, Anthony let me have my present early.. A new Nikon camera. I've been playing with it since it arrived and I am one happy camper..

It's been a good weekend. We haven't left the house but a lot has been accomplished. Gardening, laundry, cleaning, playing in the garden, tired kids, visits from family, making memories.

Emilie had her first ballet class last Thursday. She loved it! Her leotard and ballet shoes arrived yesterday and she was more than willing to try them on. She looked adorable :)

And now it's Sunday evening. I love the feeling that comes with accomplishing more than you thought was possible. Late this afternoon, I sat in the garden watching the kids play on the (freshly mowed!) grass and I felt..  Happy. Lucky. Blessed. 

Monday? Bring it.. 

Friday, 8 May 2015

Oils! The Beginning...

For the past year I have seen so many people start using Essential Oils and all of them have raved about how good they are and how they have completely changed the way they treat their families aliments. I've always been interested in oils but whenever I've looked into using them, it's always seemed so confusing and when I'm overwhelmed with something, I walk away.

A few days ago I messaged Laura who has been using oils for a while now and loves them. She gave me some information, answered a lot of my questions and she advised me on how I was best to start. I've decided to go for the premium starter kit. I cannot wait until Tuesday when I get to place my order and I'm even more excited for them to arrive so I can start using them!

Here's what I get with the kit.

James suffers from eczema which we have to use steroid cream on and I suffer from anxiety and lately, quite a few headaches. This kit has oils which I hope will be able to help with all of these! I love learning about new things so no matter how overwhelmed I get in the coming weeks,  I don't want to walk away from this. What could be better than treating your body with something that is 100% natural :)

I'll write some more once I've received my kit and had some time to use it. In the meantime I would love to hear your experiences with oils.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Weekend Round Up

Yesterday was a bank holiday. A long weekend is always good but now my days are mixed up and I've spent most of the morning thinking that it's Monday, rather than Tuesday.

We had a good weekend though. Anthony had to work on Saturday morning but apart from that he was off and at home. We were meant to be going to the Cavalcade on Sunday but it was raining and so miserable outside so Anthony ended up taking James whilst Emilie and I stayed at home. Apart from going to get some food I haven't left the house all weekend. It's needed sometimes.

Thankfully the weather was better yesterday so we were able to get out in the garden. We dug some of James' old garden toys out of the shed which made a certain 21 month old really happy.

I love it when our trees start to flower! 

Both James and Emilie adore being outside. If they could be out there from sunrise to sunset then they would. I love spring and summer for this very reason. Winter feels like such a long time when you spend your days inside escaping the cold. 

And now today we are getting back to normal. Work, school & cleaning.. I cleaned the toy cupboard out this morning (with Emilie's assistance!) and dug out my desk that has been hidden in the back for months. It's now set up in the living room so my MacBook has a home rather than the kitchen table. I figured that even Mummy's need a little space that is just their own :)